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Archive Collection

Spring in the Alps Spring in the Alps

Spring in the Alps

Spring in the Alps fondly recalls a maiden voyage to the Alps in 1985. A great peak, perhaps the famed Jungfrau, lends its...

Creekside Trail Creekside Trail

Creekside Trail

In Creekside Trail the Redwoods guard the tranquility of a hidden bower where stream and trail and a grove of flaming bushes come...

Winter Glen Winter Glen

Winter Glen

One of the most thoroughgoing of my Impressionist experiment displays the snow-laden boughs that are defined by patterns of light and shade; their...

Winter Chapel Winter Chapel

Winter Chapel

I dearly love the mountains and like to think of them as God’s cathedrals. When men build a modest chapel under the shelter...

Block Island Block Island

Block Island

Block Island is a study of resolute courage and dignity. The house stands alone, severe, crisp of line. It supports the proud light...

Twilight Vista Twilight Vista

Twilight Vista

There are paintings that are nothing less than signposts along the path of my life. Twilight Vista is one of those. When I...

Town Square Town Square

Town Square

Most of our lives are lived in the company of friends and neighbors. There is a pleasure to cities and to rural retreats,...

Dusk in the Valley Dusk in the Valley

Dusk in the Valley

In Dusk in the Valley a peaceful, fertile farm is guarded by great sentinel mountain peaks. The scene is not all tranquility; there...

Days of Peace Days of Peace

Days of Peace

Days of Peace, painted in the mid 1980s, is typical of my work on the theme of the American Indians. The looming mountain...

Lingering Dusk Lingering Dusk

Lingering Dusk

I discovered some of my most favorite subjects early on in my career; majestic mountains bathed in the dramatic light of sunset, humble...