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Flower Cottages of Carmel

Lilac Cottage Lilac Cottage

Lilac Cottage

An artist works with all his senses. It might not seem that painting has anything to do with the sense of smell, but...

Foxglove Cottage Foxglove Cottage

Foxglove Cottage

An artist has a duty to follow his muse — even when it leads us down unexpected or inconvenient paths. I live by...

Hollyhock House Hollyhock House

Hollyhock House

Hollyhock House, second in my Flower Cottages of Carmel collection, is a real hideaway along the picturesque Pacific coast. The rich, honey-colored stone...

Morning Glory Cottage Morning Glory Cottage

Morning Glory Cottage

I love flowers, I love cottages and I love the radiant effects of morning light. In Morning Glory Cottage, the Morning Glory, a...