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As a rule, Thom did not paint portraits, but he was intensely interested in the human spirit. He portrayed people by evoking the life they live in the homes they built for themselves. Whether it is an inviting inn or a stately mansion, a home is a window into the world of its owner. Architecture fascinated Thomas Kinkade because it was truly the art of living. When he discovered a picturesque home or elegant estate, he humbly offered its portrait to his friends in the light.
Christmas at Biltmore® Christmas at Biltmore®

Christmas at Biltmore®

The Christmas season is the most magical time of the year. Of all the places to enjoy the Yule-tide spirit, there is none...

Garden Manor Garden Manor

Garden Manor

The English Manor House was a long-time favorite subject of Thomas Kinkade’s. He was charmed by the stateliness of the architecture and romanced...

Graceland Christmas Graceland Christmas

Graceland Christmas

When as a young man I first explored Elvis Presley’s fabled estate, I was surprised to discover that Graceland is at once grand...

Graceland®, 50th Anniversary Graceland®, 50th Anniversary

Graceland®, 50th Anniversary

Fifty years ago, the King of Rock ‘n Roll bought the palace that became a Mecca for lovers of American pop culture. Graceland...

Lakeside Manor Lakeside Manor

Lakeside Manor

In my new Mansions in Paradise series series, I try to create mansions truly worthy of a paradise, whether earthly or heavenly. At...

Beyond Summer Gate Beyond Summer Gate

Beyond Summer Gate

Summer is the season of color. The full range of nature's rainbow hues are on display in this floral paradise. In Beyond Summer...

Lamplight Manor Lamplight Manor

Lamplight Manor

In Lamplight Manor, sixth in the Lamplight Lane series, the brooke Windemer takes us to a rustic treasure hidden away in England's quaint...

Gardens Beyond Spring Gate Gardens Beyond Spring Gate

Gardens Beyond Spring Gate

All of us, I believe, carry a memory of Eden. Life began in that garden, and for me, many of the good things...

Thistle Hill Thistle Hill

Thistle Hill

This historic Texas home has a monumental dignity. When that direct Texas sun burnishes the brick of Thistle Hill, the structure rises up...