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Every gate featured in a Thomas Kinkade painting possesses its own unique style and distinct personality, making each one of them a splendid subject for painting. The gates in Thom’s scenes seem to beckon us to come inside.
Christmas Gate Christmas Gate

Christmas Gate

Behind the beautiful Christmas Gate adorned with a holiday wreath and two luminaries gently cascading light across the snow-dusted ground, is a home...

Gate of New Beginnings Gate of New Beginnings

Gate of New Beginnings

Perhaps in your own life you've had cause to reflect on a season of new beginnings recently. For many, the past few years...

The Rose Garden The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden

For poets and painters, roses are the flowers of love. In my case, my wife deserves some credit for the connection—Nanette has always...

Summer Gate Summer Gate

Summer Gate

Every gate, to paraphrase a favorite song, has its season. The season for this dramatic portal, with its monumental pillars and ornate ironwork,...

The Open Gate The Open Gate

The Open Gate

The Open Gate , overgrown with flowers, is based on a real location in the English Cotswolds. I’ve kept the sketch for years,...

Spring Gate Spring Gate

Spring Gate

Since I painted Autumn Gate early in my career, I've been fascinated with the inviting mystery of gates. I'm returning to the subject,...

Rose Gate Rose Gate

Rose Gate

In the first of a trio of coordinated paintings in honor of my beautiful baby, Winsor, we enter through the floral opulence of...

Autumn Lane Autumn Lane

Autumn Lane

Autumn Lane follows a rural road into the cool depths of an autumn forest. The scene is rich with the pleasures of the...

Hidden Cottage II Hidden Cottage II

Hidden Cottage II

I take a great deal of pleasure in finding out-of-the-way places, small wonders that sometimes seem to go unnoticed like the cottage behind...