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Great Outdoors

Just as Thom loved to walk the halls of a great art museum, savoring the finest works of man, so he loved to explore trails that led him into the pristine heart of nature, where he discovered the triumphant works of the Great Creator. Thomas Kinkade believed the world is a museum of God’s creative bounty, and when Thom saw a magnificent landscape or a rustic cabin tucked away among majestic mountains, he tried to pay humble tribute with his paint and canvas.
Morning Light Lake Morning Light Lake

Morning Light Lake

Days spent at a special hideaway on the lake are always filled with special memories – watching the sun slide up over the...

West Rim, Yosemite West Rim, Yosemite

West Rim, Yosemite

Thomas Kinkade was a great outdoorsman. He grew up in the golden foothills of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains and throughout his life...

Evening at Autumn Lake Evening at Autumn Lake

Evening at Autumn Lake

Autumn is a special time of year. When the crisp cold air flows down from the north and the leaves explode into vibrant...

Valley Chapel Valley Chapel

Valley Chapel

In my brother’s writings he often referred to the natural world as God’s greatest cathedral. Thom honestly felt that you could see the...

Cathedral Mountain Lodge Cathedral Mountain Lodge

Cathedral Mountain Lodge

A graceful stillness hovers over a majestic mountain evening. The changing colors of the close of day and the breathless grandeur of a...

Yosemite Meadow Yosemite Meadow

Yosemite Meadow

There are few places on Earth that are more awe-inspiring than Yosemite Valley nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Home of the undisputed...

Away From It All Away From It All

Away From It All

I was raised with the majestic views of the mighty Sierra-Nevada mountain range. As a boy, I would hike and camp surrounded by...

Summer’s Heritage Summer’s Heritage

Summer’s Heritage

America's heritage and character was forged on storied ranches and farmhouses that dot the plains and foothills of our magnificent country. Everyday, the...

Nature’s Paradise Nature’s Paradise

Nature’s Paradise

In my newest work, I attempt to conceive of nature as existing in complete harmony in all its elements. We see rolling mountains...