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Robert Girrard

For a period of six years, Thomas Kinkade painted under the brush name of Robert Girrard. This anonymity allowed him the freedom to experiment in style and subject matter, to explore with palette, brush strokes and broken color. He employed techniques utilized by the French Impressionists – Monet, Manet and Renoir – techniques which have influenced the style that has become world-renowned through The Painter of Light™.
The River Seine The River Seine

The River Seine

Impressionism has always seemed to me a most romantic painting style — so emotionally charged, so free. When I first put on my...

The Cottage The Cottage

The Cottage

The Girrard era garden scenes created under the Kinkade name moved noticeable in the direction of domesticity. Mind you, these were neither planted...

Sunlit Garden Sunlit Garden

Sunlit Garden

On my first visit to the continent, I found myself fascinated by the works of the Impressionist painters, which appear in such abundance...

Sunday Afternoon Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon

By using the Girrard brush name, Thomas Kinkade achieved absolute artistic freedom. This freedom led to a joyful experimentation that resulted in numerous...

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is a daydream from heaven; more than that, it is a dream of a perfect day. Puffy white clouds dance in...

Silver and Gold Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold is the first still life I’ve ever shared with my collectors. This exquisite assemblage of golden blooms in an elegant...

September Song September Song

September Song

The Girrard era ended in 1989 when the name ‘Girrard’ was brushed onto a Kinkade canvas for the last time. Yet, in a...

Sailing Day Sailing Day

Sailing Day

As a young man I often felt the urge to put on my beret, set up my easel, and paint in the manner...

Rainy Dusk, Paris Rainy Dusk, Paris

Rainy Dusk, Paris

The beauty of the City of Lights is timeless. The same iridescent dazzle that inspired the Impressionist masters greets me when, in my...

Radiant Surf Radiant Surf

Radiant Surf

Radiant Surf is the first time I’ve employed classic impressionistic technique in painting the rolling waves. There are colors in the surf that...

Paris Twilight Paris Twilight

Paris Twilight

As Kinkade was heavily influenced by the French Impressionists early in his career, he felt a French-sounding name would be helpful if he...

Morning Stroll Morning Stroll

Morning Stroll

Girrard is a romantic impressionist. Many of his subjects are historic in nature while others are timeless. Among the later are his beautiful...