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Disney Maleficent Disney Maleficent

Disney Maleficent

“I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.” – Maleficent Disney’s Sleeping Beauty has amazing characters that tell a story of...

Disney Mary Poppins Returns Disney Mary Poppins Returns

Disney Mary Poppins Returns

The tolling ring of Big Ben can be drowned out by the roaring cannon of Admiral Boom who loves keeping London time. The...

Springtime Memories Springtime Memories

Springtime Memories

“Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”– Anonymous One’s first memories of spring could be the feel of warm...

Daybreak at Emerald Valley Daybreak at Emerald Valley

Daybreak at Emerald Valley

Thomas Kinkade’s family heralds from Ireland, and he had a life-long attachment to the Emerald Isle. In Daybreak at Emerald Valley, Thomas Kinkade...

Autumn at Apple Hill Autumn at Apple Hill

Autumn at Apple Hill

Step foot into a crisp autumn evening at Apple Hill. The light fall breeze, coupled with the bountiful harvest of pumpkins and colorful...

Returning Home Returning Home

Returning Home

On coastlines around the world you will find lighthouses that cast a strong reliable beacon to guide sailors to the safety of their home port. Thomas Kinkade Studios proudly presents Returning Home.

Maui Gardens Maui Gardens

Maui Gardens

Thom thoroughly enjoyed putting his paints and canvas to use on a family trip to our favorite Hawaiian island, Maui.

Mulan Blossoms of Love Mulan Blossoms of Love

Mulan Blossoms of Love

The legend of Hua Mulan comes back to life every time someone needs a source of hope and inspiration. In Disney’s Mulan, she...

Liberty Lane Cottage Liberty Lane Cottage

Liberty Lane Cottage

In creating Liberty Lane Cottage, Thomas Kinkade Studios’ purpose was to honor strength and diversity, two of the cornerstones which make the United States the country that it is – a place where individual freedoms are cherished and protected.

Garden Manor Garden Manor

Garden Manor

The English Manor House was a long-time favorite subject of Thomas Kinkade. He was charmed by the stateliness of the architecture and romanced...

Spring Meadows Spring Meadows

Spring Meadows

Spring has arrived in the Italian countryside. Flowers bloom in abundance as new life emerges from nature. Spring Meadows, painted by Thomas Kinkade...

Lovelight Cottage Lovelight Cottage

Lovelight Cottage

Thomas Kinkade loved to travel. Discovering new romantic cities, stunning mountain vistas, or luscious hillsides and gardens, he delighted in setting up his...