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Maui Gardens Maui Gardens

Maui Gardens

Thom thoroughly enjoyed putting his paints and canvas to use on a family trip to our favorite Hawaiian island, Maui.

Bloomsbury Cafe Bloomsbury Cafe

Bloomsbury Cafe

As I painted this musty London public house, I was regaled with wartime stories by a fascinating old gent who had lived through...

Wisteria Arbor Wisteria Arbor

Wisteria Arbor

This is my very personal look at California’s famed Villa Montalvo. A wild profusion of wisteria blossoms envelops the historic mansion’s formal...

Simpler Times Simpler Times

Simpler Times

Simpler Times I is a statement of something I believe very deeply in: simplicity and the true foundations of life. My hope is...

Rose Gate Rose Gate

Rose Gate

In the first of a trio of coordinated paintings in honor of my beautiful baby, Winsor, we enter through the floral opulence of...

Petals of Hope Petals of Hope

Petals of Hope

I sometimes visualize faith as a garden, where hope is in abundant bloom. In The Garden of Promise, we stood at the gate...

Morning Glory Cottage Morning Glory Cottage

Morning Glory Cottage

I love flowers, I love cottages and I love the radiant effects of morning light. In Morning Glory Cottage, the Morning Glory, a...

Lochaven Cottage Lochaven Cottage

Lochaven Cottage

At twilight, a hush falls over the countryside, the wind stills, the surface of a small lake calms to mirror smoothness, reflecting the...

The Lights of Home The Lights of Home

The Lights of Home

In The Lights of Home I’ve attempted to render an epic subject on a miniature scale. I’ve portrayed a grandiose two-story Victorian home,...

Lamplight Village Lamplight Village

Lamplight Village

I wanted to create a scene with a great sense of discovery to it, as though you could stroll over the stone bridge...

Hometown Memories Hometown Memories

Hometown Memories

As we stroll down the tree shrouded lane, you’ll notice the landmarks familiar to every hometown—neighborhood houses, people of the village, sidewalks, and...

Hometown Chapel Hometown Chapel

Hometown Chapel

This is the chapel where we commemorate the landmarks that fill our life: the celebration of marriage, the birth of a child, the...