Art Notes

The play of light on water intrigues and challenges me today, much as it challenged the Impressionist masters a century ago. Like Monet, I love to set up my easel on a riverbank and attempt to capture the multiple reflections and the sparkle of sunlight as a gentle breeze ripples the stream. In my impressionist work, A Summer’s Morning, the reflections of sailboats dance on the crystal waters. I try to make my brush dance on my canvas, much as Monet’s brush danced when he painted outdoors a century ago.

A Summer’s Morning
Title: A Summer’s Morning
Collection: Robert Girrard
Painted: 1986
Published: 2005
Style: Impressionism
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Robert Girrard, Summer Traditions

Tags: Boat, Bridge, River, Robert Girrard, Summer

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