A Trusted Friend, Rose Bud

Art Notes

Every childhood has its special friendships-and though youthful friends may come and go, a favorite doll or stuffed bear can become a lifelong companion.

My painting A Trusted Friend celebrates the imagination of childhood which can make even an inanimate object come to life with love. This is my first ever teddy bear painting, and as I worked on it I was reminded of the passion displayed by teddy bear collectors worldwide. These collectors remind us that even for adults a teddy bear can be A Trusted Friend, and perhaps my painting will be a daily reminder of this happy fact. I even added a special touch: you can have your choice of a pink ribbon for girl bears or a blue one for boy bears. That way, your very own “trusted friend” can be even more personal to you!

A Trusted Friend, Rose Bud
Title: A Trusted Friend, Rose Bud
Painted: 2009
Published: 2009
Style: Still Life
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Memories

Tags: Memories, Teddy Bear

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