Art Notes

The Kinkade family explored the desert Southwest, in an oversized RV equipped to be a rolling art studio. At Bryce National Park in Utah, God works on a monumental scale – the vast panorama of eroded rock stretches to the horizons. We visited in late spring, when patches of snow still nestle on the shadowed high places. Hardy pine trees cling to the nooks and walls of towering cliffs, creating a unique wonderland. This fantasyland carved in multi-hued sandstone presents a spectacular succession of dramatic vistas – one grander than the other.

Bryce National Park
Title: Bryce National Park
Collection: Southwest Series
Painted: 2003
Published: 2004
Style: Plein Air
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Subject Location: Bryce National Park, Utah
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Great Outdoors, Plein Air, Summer Traditions

Tags: Bryce National Park, Canyon, Cliff, Great Outdoors, Landmark, Landscape, Mountain, Plein Air, Spring, USA, Utah, Wilderness

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