Christmas at Lamplight Village - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Christmas at Lamplight Village

Christmas at Lamplight Village - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Christmas at Lamplight Village

“Even if our family circle is small, the Christmas season can become a benchmark of friendship, a time when we pause to savor traditions of comfort and joy.” – Thomas Kinkade Christmas was a favorite time of year for our founder, Thomas Kinkade. He looked forward with anticipation to the weather changing, especially the crisp feeling of winter air. To celebrate the season, Thomas Kinkade Studios imagined what Christmas would be like in the town featured in one of Thom’s most iconic paintings, Lamplight Village. The Brook Windermere has frozen, allowing young and old to enjoy the beautiful day ice skating. Visitors may stroll through the village shops to browse for Christmas gifts or enjoy a romantic ride in a horse drawn sleigh. Imagine being transported to this lovely town at the most wonderful time of year and join Thomas Kinkade Studios as we celebrate our favorite traditions in Christmas at Lamplight Village.   Key Points  
  • Christmas at Lamplight Village was inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s beloved Lamplight Lane series, which takes place alongside the winding Windemere Brooke. The village and landscaping have changed a bit since then, however the bridge and Brooke remain the center point.
  • The Windemere Brooke winds through Lamplight Village; in this particular moment it has frozen over just in time for the Christmas season. The townsfolk delight in the winter merriment, going for horse drawn sleighrides Brookside and skating down through the village.
  • Lamplight Village is a happy and thriving community with lights aglow and perfect Christmas trees for sale on the hillside.  Care has been taken to decorate the village with festive wreaths. Christmas lights and bows around all 12 lampposts, spreading holiday cheer.
  • Stars begin to twinkle in the evening sky as the sun has set behind the mountains, allowing the lights of Lamplight Village to glow while a family of deer admire the lit Christmas tree.