Art Notes

My brother was a long-standing and fervent fan of baseball. While, like most, he would follow particular teams with a heightened interest, he also most purely and simply loved the game. He loved its history and position as part of the American cultural landscape. He loved its ties to personal nostalgia and family reminiscence. And, he loved the immediate experience of the ballpark: the smell of the cut grass, the roar of the crowd, the taste of a hotdog and the thrill felt with the crack of the bat.

There are few ballparks more evocative of those experiences and feelings than this cathedral to America’s National Pastime built and nestled just north of downtown Los Angeles. Dodger Stadium™ is a monumental edifice to everything that we all love about the game. Join with us at the Thomas Kinkade Studios as we watch the warm southern California summer sun set into the west and the stadium lights spring to life and capture the spirit of this iconic franchise. Take pride in our great county’s flag unfurled as the National Anthem echoes throughout the ballpark. Let’s all sing together, “Just buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack – I don’t care if I never come back!” And, we will root for the home team and revel in our shared love of baseball and the great traditions that stretch back over the decades. Play ball!

-Patrick Kinkade

Title: Evening at Dodger Stadium™
Painted: 2015
Published: 2015
Style: Luminism
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Studios
Subject Location: Los Angeles, California
Limited Edition: Retired

Genre: Thomas Kinkade Studios

Tags: American Flag, Baseball, Baseball Park, Chaves Ravine, Los Angeles Dodgers, Major League Baseball, Moon, Opening Day, San Francisco Giants, Spring, Stadium, Sunset

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