Evening on the Seine - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Evening on the Seine

Evening on the Seine - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Evening on the Seine
Thomas Kinkade Original

On a recent return trip to Paris, I had the opportunity to discover the visual joys of this city anew. There is a tremendous sense of expectation in Paris as the glowing lights of boulevard cafes contrast brilliantly with the subtle palette of long winter nights. In my mind's eye I like to turn back the clock to a simpler era and picture the wonderful costumes and festive life of the Impressionist era. As a young artist exploring my style, I attempted to find inspiration from the French Impressionist viewpoint. I even created a brush name, "Robert Girrard", that allowed me to create paintings with the carefree abandon of Monet, Renoir, and other grand masters of the Impressionist style. My passion for Paris and my zeal for color and atmosphere are vibrantly expressed in my painting Evening on the Seine. It is a loving tribute to the timeless city that made the Impressionists famous.