Art Notes

I painted Glory of Morning and Glory of Evening as a pair. Both explore the subtleties of transitional light, when the sky flames with a special radiance, when colors are heightened and shadows dance on the ground. But Glory of Evening is as different from its companion-piece as sunset is from sunrise. The dust of a busy day, and its low-lying clouds, reflect the violet of sunset. That violet radiance colors the garden flowers, deepening their hues. Such glorious evenings as this lay a purple cloak upon the land… and every home becomes a castle.

Glory of Evening
Title: Glory of Evening
Collection: Moments of Glory
Painted: 1992
Published: 1993
Style: Luminism
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Limited Edition: Sold Out

Genre: Cottages

Tags: Cottages, Flowers, Gate, Hearts, Sunset

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