Art Notes

Great North visits a mountain vastness, where wild, brooding peaks loom above the shores of an untamed spreading river. It is sunset, but, somehow, sunset has magnified its grandeur in these northern skies, as gray wisps of clouds soar like eagles over the curtain of pale gold.

Men embrace a tenuous existence along the shores of the mountain waters. Amidst the structures of the camp we see a single native wigwam – a reminder that this epic landscape has long been host to both diverse wildlife and diverse human cultures.

In Great North, we are reminded that all human achievement pales when compared to the magnificence of God’s creation.

Great North
Title: Great North
Collection: Archive Collection II
Painted: 1987
Published: 2006
Style: Luminism
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Great Outdoors

Tags: Cabin, Camp, Frontier, Great Outdoors, Landscape, Mountain, Native American, River, Sunset, USA, Wilderness

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