Art Notes

Drawing from inspiration from our new partnership with Wild Wings that represents more than 50 of America’s top wildlife artists, and honoring Thomas Kinkade’s love for the Great Outdoors, Thomas Kinkade Studios is proud to present High Country Wilderness. This piece celebrates man base companionship with nature.

Perched above a meandering stream and nestled between towering granite mountaintops is a humble yet enchanting cabin, carefully hidden amongst a grove of ancient redwood trees. In the distance, two grand waterfalls are flowing strong well into summer, making this spot the ideal location for any outdoor enthusiast to set up basecamp and explore nature.


Key Points

  • A bald eagle is seen nesting high up in the canopy.  The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird fittingly symbolize the strengths and freedoms of America.
  • A hiker is seen traveling with man’s best friend, a young black lab. This is the popular dog breed’s first appearance in a Thomas Kinkade or Thomas Kinkade Studios painting.
  • Several deer have made their way to the river bank to quench their thirst, however, the sounds of an approaching hiker and his faithful companion have stopped them in their tracks.
  • The high-country snowpack is still feeding two waterfalls but summers hot sun has all but evaporated the third fall’s water source.
  • The small cabin serves as a welcome retreat for the hiker in need of rest as the temperatures drop during summer in the high country.
Title: High Country Wilderness
Painted: 2018
Published: 2018
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Studios

Genre: Great Outdoors, New Releases, Summer Traditions, Thomas Kinkade Studios

Tags: Cabin, Mountain, River, Waterfall

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