Lakeside Splendor - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Lakeside Splendor

Lakeside Splendor - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Lakeside Splendor

What constitutes living “the good life?” For some, it is living near the ocean, enjoying the relaxation of life at the beach. To others, it’s traveling around the world, exploring its wonders. For Thomas Kinkade, the good life was time spent at a cozy cabin near a tranquil lake nestled at the base of a mountain. Lakeside Splendor by Thomas Kinkade Studios captures his experience and that of so many who love nature. The late afternoon sun glistens and casts a soft resplendent glow across the hills and lake in the valley below, displaying itself in radiant color. The rhythm of the water lapping against the shore is soothing and calm. Combined with the beautiful sounds of wildlife, this setting has a restorative power, naturally bringing peace to one’s body and mind. Although our daily lives are filled with responsibilities and sometimes stress, everyone should have the chance to relax and enjoy simple things with the ones we love. Whether you find joy in hiking, fishing, exploring, or just spending time sharing stories by a campfire, a restive experience is something you can count on when you spend time in the Great Outdoors, reveling in the lakeside splendor.  

Key Point

  • Lakeside Splendor captures the wonder of nature from a breathtaking vantage point in the hills, looking down upon the quaint cabin and the majestic lake.
  • Many family memories are made at the lake, and some of these special moments happen by the campfire. In Lakeside Splendor, this is symbolized by Adirondack chairs drawn around a campfire, with the family dog cheerfully looking on from the porch.
  • Time spent on the lake fishing and exploring is represented by the two canoes resting on the shore.
  • Like all Thomas Kinkade Studios’ masterworks that celebrate the Great Outdoors, this painting includes beautiful wildlife, like a pair of deer and an eagle soaring overhead. Can you find the adventurous squirrel scouting for his dinner?
  • An eagle’s nest sits in the treetop. Did you know that on average, these nests are 4-5 feet wide and 2-4 feet deep? Each year the nesting pair adds materials to it, building a strong shelter for their young.