Late Afternoon on the Farm - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Late Afternoon on the Farm

Late Afternoon on the Farm
Late Afternoon on the Farm

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The sun begins to set earlier in the evening, and a brisk breeze rustles the colorful leaves on the trees. In Late Afternoon on the Farm, the artists of Thomas Kinkade Studios explored what lay around the corner in A Walk Down Autumn Lane, and “William’s Farm” appeared nestled serenely in the hills. The wild turkeys meander along the rutted lane, heading towards the remnants of the setting sun, which casts a warm glow on the red barn roof. The lanterns perched atop the rustic fence illuminate the road and reflect off the ripe pumpkins. Join the Thomas Kinkade Studios and enjoy the discovery of what lies at the end of the Autumn Lane in Late Afternoon on the Farm.

Key Points

  • America’s farmlands have long been a beautiful source of inspiration for Thomas Kinkade and the Thomas Kinkade Studios. Other masterworks which celebrate farm life include Thomas’ Country Living and Sunset at Riverbend Farm and Red Barn Retreat by Thomas Kinkade Studios.
  • Late Afternoon on the Farm is a continuation of the artists’ journey in A Walk Down Autumn Lane, showing “William’s Farm” at the end of the country road. The name of the farm is a tribute to Thomas Kinkade, whose first name was William.
  • The 1958 on the signpost is another tribute to Thomas Kinkade – a reference to the year of his birth.
  • This painting includes three stately turkeys and cows in the pasture.
  • Bright orange pumpkins line the country lane leading up to the farm.