Art Notes

As the evening sun retreats beyond the horizon, a new love is forming somewhere between two beautiful worlds. The artists at Thomas Kinkade Studios have brilliantly captured one of Disney’s most popular and adored films in one scene entitled, “Little Mermaid Falling in Love.

Immersed in traditional Kinkadian light, seen piercing through the water and illuminating an entire world teeming with life below, many of the animated characters from the movie, both heroes, and villains, are hidden under the sea.

The Little Mermaid is a story about a love that triumphs although it has everything working against it and a reminder that true love can overcome any obstacle.



  • Ariel’s best friend, Flounder, nervously circles the boat hoping that Prince Eric will go on and kiss the girl.
  • The dearly loved, yet cheeky crab, Sebastian conducts the underwater serenade carried out by a catch of other crustaceans, fish, and sea creatures.
  • The wretched sea witch, Ursula, lurks in the shadowy rushes waiting for her opportunity to strike.
  • Fearing that his daughter is in danger, King Triton races from the castle in Atlantica to rescue her.
  • Both castle-homes are uniquely captured in this single painting.
Title: Little Mermaid Falling in Love
Painted: 2017
Published: 2017
Style: Narrative Panorama
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Studios

Genre: Disney Art, Movies, New Releases, Romantic Images, Seascapes, Thomas Kinkade Studios

Tags: American Pop Culture, Ariel, Disney, Disney Princess, Fish, Flamingo, Mermaid, Ocean, Prince Eric

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