Art Notes

London is the rarest of contemporary cities – at once rich with picturesque landmarks and invigorated by modern energies. I set up my easel at just this spot to capture its two faces. I painted within the shadows of Westminster Bridge, ancient and massive, while a regal sunset illuminated the reflections of the House of Parliament and the Tower of Big Ben in the silvery water of the Thames.

I had some fun with the river, hiding the periscope of a vintage submarine in its depths, and a bobbing bottle, perhaps containing a love note to my wife Nanette.

Title: London
Painted: 2005
Published: 2005
Style: Luminism
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Subject Location: London, England
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Bridges, Cityscapes, European Vacations

Tags: Boat, Bridges, British House of Parliament, City, Cityscapes, England, eu, europe, european, european vacations, Landmark, London, Sunset, Tower of Big Ben, Westminster Bridge

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