Maui Gardens

Art Notes

Our family has been lucky enough to travel widely, and Thomas became convinced that each place has, if I can put it this way, its own unique spirit. He found that having a portable studio was extremely handy over the years. Thom thoroughly enjoyed putting his paints and canvas to use on a family trip to our favorite Hawaiian island, Maui.

In Hawaii, there is a special quality to the light, and when entering a garden on Maui you expect to become engulfed in an amazing array of colors and reflection of light. Thomas Kinkade’s Maui Gardens is a beautiful view of the abundant and diverse plant life you can find on this exotic island. – Nanette Kinkade

Title: Maui Gardens
Painted: 1995
Published: 2019
Style: plein air
Subject Location: Maui, Hawaii

Genre: Gardens, New Releases, Plein Air, Spring Inspirations, Summer Traditions

Tags: Flowers, Gardens, Summer Traditions

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