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Thomas Kinkade was a life-long admirer of Walt Disney and the wonderful characters he created. While Thom re-created many of his favorite stories on canvas, he also envisioned classic Disney characters set within traditional Kinkade images. In these paintings from Thomas Kinkade Studios, his dream is proudly brought to life.

As Mickey hands Minnie a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a thankful Minnie throws her arms around Mickey’s neck, thanking him for such a wonderful day in New York City.

The day is coming to an end. While the sun creeps low beneath the skyline and pierces through the already changing red and orange autumn leaves, the familiar Kinkadian lamp posts begin to flicker and light-up throughout the park. But the day isn’t over yet, Mickey has one more surprise for Minnie, a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park.

Mickey’s thoughtful planning has not only created an unforgettable day for Minnie but has also reminded us all that our kindest gestures speak louder than words.


  • This is the fifth Thomas Kinkade Studios painting, in a series of six, dedicated to this iconic couple in a collection called the Sweetheart Series.
  • Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Cove was the initial Thomas Kinkade Studios image dedicated to this iconic Disney duo. Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Bridge was the second, Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Holiday was the third, and Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Café was the fourth.
  • These five paintings are the realization of Thomas Kinkade’s vision to create art featuring classic Disney characters in traditional Kinkade settings.
  • This image is teeming with life; from the beautiful wildflowers to the small family of ducks in the stream below.
  • Other familiar features, such as the arched rock bridge, lampposts, and the horse drawn carriage have characteristically made their appearance in other works by Thomas Kinkade.
Title: Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Central Park
Collection: Sweetheart Series
Painted: 2017
Published: 2017
Style: American Affinity
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Studios
Subject Location: Central Park

Genre: Cityscapes, Disney Art, Mickey and Minnie Art, New Releases, Romantic Images, Thomas Kinkade Studios

Tags: Central Park, Disney, Fall, Kiss, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, New York, Park

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