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Thomas Kinkade was a life-long admirer of Walt Disney and the wonderful characters he created. While Thom re-created many of his favorite stories on canvas, he also envisioned classic Disney characters set within traditional Kinkade images. In these paintings from Thomas Kinkade Studios, his dream is proudly brought to life.

A mountain stream cascades over an array of stones framing a rustic wooden cabin nestled between the trees. A fireplace warms the living room and illuminates the porch. Mickey and Minnie are seen relaxing together on an old log, roasting marshmallows over a crackling campfire after spending a long day of exploring the vast trails of the forest. To thank Minnie for planning a picture-perfect picnic outing, Mickey has surprised her with s’mores for dessert! The perfect treat for the end of a perfect day.

The sun has set on this iconic duo and a crescent moon can be seen rising in the night sky. The campfire flames are almost dancing in the cool breeze as this sixth and final piece closes out the Sweetheart Series. Mickey’s faithful companion, Pluto, is still by his side and has sat close by the fire, waiting for a treat, as his face is toasted warm on this chilly night.


  • This is the sixth and final Thomas Kinkade Studios painting, dedicated to this iconic couple in a collection called the Sweetheart Series.
  • Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Cove was the initial Thomas Kinkade Studios image dedicated to this iconic Disney duo. Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Bridge was the second, Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Holiday was the third, Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Café was the fourth, and Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Central Park was the fifth in this series of six.
  • These six paintings are the realization of Thomas Kinkade’s vision to create art featuring classic Disney characters in traditional Kinkade settings.
  • Familiar features, such as the arched rock bridge, lampposts, cabin, and truck have characteristically made their appearance in other works by Thomas Kinkade.
Title: Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Campfire
Collection: Sweetheart Series
Painted: 2018
Style: American Affinity
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Studios

Genre: Disney Art, Mickey and Minnie Art, Movies, New Releases, Summer Traditions, Thomas Kinkade Studios

Tags: Cabin, Campfire, Disney, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, River

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