Art Notes

My artist’s heart beats faster in Montmartre, surrounded as I am by the heritage of giants. When I set up my easel and canvas on the sidewalks of what was, a century ago, the artistic capital of the world, I know that I follow in the steps of Toulouse Lautrec, Manet, and all the others who made this section of Paris the symbol of the artistic lifestyle. Happily, Parisian women still stroll the boulevards with parasols in hand, so that my Montmartre retains its historic flavor.

Title: Montmartre
Collection: Robert Girrard
Painted: 1985
Published: 2005
Style: Impressionism
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Subject Location: Paris, France
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Cityscapes, European Vacations, Robert Girrard

Tags: City, City of Light, Cityscapes, eu, europe, european, european vacations, France, Landmark, Paris, Robert Girrard, Street

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