Morning Light Lake - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Morning Light Lake

Morning Light Lake - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Morning Light Lake
Modern American Luminism
Thomas Kinkade Studios

Days spent at a special hideaway on the lake are always filled with special memories – watching the sun slide up over the horizon, stretching lazy fingers of light to illuminate the clouds and, in turn, the tranquil water. In Morning Light Lake, the scene is set for that magical moment when the day is new and bright with possibility. Surrounded by the beauty of the Great Outdoors – mountains soaring in the distance, a cozy cabin nearby and a fishing boat waiting at the dock – everything feels right with the world.  


•  Morning Light Lake from the Thomas Kinkade Studios is the second painting in the Lakeside Hideaway Collection. This series celebrates quiet moments enjoyed together on a lake. •  Morning Light Lake is a reminder of the importance of beloved serenity and new beginnings. • The light-filled cabin and American flag symbolize pride of place. • Two Adirondacks wait, calmly, for the most beautiful show on earth to begin. • Nature looks on in the form of ducks, a fox peeking out of the brush, rabbits nibbling soft grass, and geese flying overhead. •  Lake life and activities are portrayed through a docked boat with fishing gear, a BBQ ready for grilling, and firewood stacked neatly nearby. •  Hidden across the lake are other cabins that share this amazing view – each with their own stories that will be featured in future releases in the Lakeside Hideaway Collection.