Art Notes

The City of Lights inspires many memories for me, both as an artist and as a romantic. Wandering the city of Paris I was greeted by the same boulevards that inspired master impressionists a century ago. I couldn’t resist donning my beret and attempting to embody their artistic vision of color and light.

In Morning on the Boulevard I create a mood of classic impressionism with a subject befitting the French masters of the past. This is a sunny summer morning that suggests a “boulevard of dreams” from long ago.

Morning on the Boulevard
Title: Morning on the Boulevard
Collection: Robert Girrard
Painted: 1989
Published: 2008
Style: Impressionism
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Subject Location: Paris, France
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Cityscapes, European Vacations, Robert Girrard, Summer Traditions

Tags: Antique Automobiles, Carriage, City, City of Light, Cityscapes, eu, europe, european, France, Horse, Paris, Robert Girrard, Street, Summer

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