Art Notes

I painted Pacific Nocturne on the occasion of my second wedding anniversary, when Nanette and I re-visited our honeymoon hideaway. The romantic seascape displays my growing passion for capturing effects of light.

Surf bursts in an explosion of brilliant light against the massive coastal rock. The luminous translucence of the aqua wave shimmers with an internal fire. Sand gleams golden through the liquid skin of the sea. For many years, Pacific Nocturne hung in my own home as a private treasure – a radiant memory of my early years of marriage. Now, for the first time, I share it with my collectors.

Pacific Nocturne
Title: Pacific Nocturne
Collection: Archive Collection II
Painted: 1984
Published: 2004
Style: Luminism
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Great Outdoors, Memories, Seascapes, Summer Traditions

Tags: Beach, Coastal, Great Outdoors, Memories, Pacific Ocean, Sand, Seascapes, USA, Waves

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