Art Notes

As Kinkade was heavily influenced by the French Impressionists early in his career, he felt a French-sounding name would be helpful if he were to paint impressionistic works under a pseudonym. With the name Robert Girrard, Thomas Kinkade found a new identity. This anonymity allowed him the freedom to experiment in style and subject matter and to explore with palette, brush strokes and broken color. He employed techniques utilized by the French Impressionists, techniques which have influenced the style that has become world-renowned through The Painter of Light™.

Title: Paris Twilight
Collection: Robert Girrard
Painted: 1988
Published: 2002
Style: Impressionism
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Subject Location: Paris, France
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Cityscapes, European Vacations, Robert Girrard

Tags: Antique Automobiles, Bicycle, City, City of Light, Cityscapes, eu, europe, european, european vacations, France, Paris, Rain, Robert Girrard, Street, Sunset

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