Sailing Day - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Sailing Day

Sailing Day - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Sailing Day
Thomas Kinkade Original

As a young man I often felt the urge to put on my beret, set up my easel, and paint in the manner of the French Impressionist masters through my alter-ego, Robert Girrard. One crisp morning I found myself on the shores of a crystal lake while a “flock” of trim white sailboats flew over the water like swans. The invigorating scene stirred the Impressionist painter within me, and soon it was time for Robert Girrard to bring out paints and brushes and begin laying bold strokes of color across the canvas. The subject for Sailing Day has been captured many times by Manet or Pissaro, both of whom seemed transfixed by the effects of light dancing upon the water. A magnificent poplar thrusts its dark crown above the neighboring trees while the golden grasses of the shore sport seed heads of a deeper green. Wisps of cloud, painted silver by the rising sun, swirl up from distant hills before they vanish to vapor in the hazy sky. In my persona as Robert Girrard I celebrate the language of nature at its most joyful. Every artist knows that nature has many moods, but I am frequently happiest when, as in Sailing Day, God’s green earth invites me to put on my beret and share the inspiring passion of the moment.