Santa’s Silent Night - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Santa’s Silent Night

Santa’s Silent Night - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Santa’s Silent Night

“No other holiday is more joyful than Christmas.” – Thomas Kinkade  Santa’s Christmas Eve voyage is a tale young and old love to hear over and over again. On this crisp winters’ night, Santa and his sleigh have quietly landed so he can make his special deliveries. The harmonious notes of the choral choir drift down from the hilltop church on chilly winter air, as Santa travels from home to home. Join Thomas Kinkade Studios and sleep sweet dreams of Santa’s Silent Night.   Key Points:
  • Santa’s Silent Night is the fifth Limited Edition Art release by Thomas Kinkade Studios that celebrates Santa Claus and the beautiful traditions surrounding Christmas Eve. The four previous paintings include Santa’s Special Delivery, Santa’s Night Before Christmas, Midnight Delivery and Santa’s Workshop.
  • Set during the wee hours of the night when the frigid, calm air and the bright moonlight shine over the fresh snow, Santa is busy delivering Christmas gifts.
  • The glow from the church and nativity scene on the hill merges with the rest of the lights of the village and warms up this chilly night.
  • Someone has made a snow angel in front of the festive home that Santa is about to enter. Do you think the dog walker and his trusted pal will spot Santa on their midnight walk?