Art Notes

Sedona, Arizona has become a kind of spiritual retreat. But underlying its trendy appeal is the timeless majesty of canyon land. Here, God paints with a broad brush, creating monuments to eternity on a scale that dwarfs human ambition.

When I saw the massive Sedona Cliffs, rising jagged, like broken teeth, above the roaring mountain stream, I knew I had to set up my easel right at that spot. There was a special quality to the light, firing the wispy mare-tail clouds, gleaming on the distant cliffs, touching the valley trees with gold, dancing on the burbling brook. I know how elusive such light can be. I had to capture the moment before it faded.

Sedona Cliffs
Title: Sedona Cliffs
Collection: Southwest Series
Painted: 2003
Published: 2003
Style: Plein Air
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Subject Location: Sedona, Arizona
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Plein Air, Summer Traditions

Tags: Arizona, Cliff, Landscape, Plein Air, River, Sedona, Spring, Stream, USA, Wilderness

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