Sierra Paradise - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Sierra Paradise

Sierra Paradise - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Sierra Paradise

“The mountains are calling, and I must go.” – John Muir An early morning sun appears above the evergreen trees, casting a soft, radiant glow across the forest. A mountain river cascades down stones time-worn by a waterfall flowing into an estuary, feeding a bubbling brook that winds by sturdy log cabins nestled in the forest. This clear mountain stream provides refreshing water to nature and the wildlife. A majestic stag and his mate drink from this nourishing stream as a wild turkey has caught the eye of a fun-loving Labrador Retriever. Thomas Kinkade Studios invites you to answer the call from the mountains, transporting you to the Great Outdoors in Sierra Paradise.  

Key Points

  • Sierra Paradise was inspired by an original sketch by Thomas Kinkade. Growing up near the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Thomas Kinkade was enamored with the Great Outdoors, creating many masterworks inspired by his adventures.
  • As with so many other Thomas Kinkade paintings, the lights in the windows of the cabins in Sierra Paradise are aglow, representing the idea that the family inside is home and the house is filled with warmth and love.
  • The canoe and the fishing pole on the porch indicate a day well spent on the water.
  • The wildlife included in Sierra Paradise is a pair of deer and a wild turkey. A family Labrador Retriever looks on at the animals ready to play.