Superman™ - Protector of Metropolis - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Superman™ – Protector of Metropolis

Superman™ - Protector of Metropolis - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Join us as we peer into this Kinkadian scene, set atop of DC Comics’ most legendary city.

Superman™ – Protector of Metropolis
Narrative Panorama
Thomas Kinkade Studios

Under the ever-vigilant protection of Superman, Metropolis is a gleaming urban center, a melting pot of peoples and cultures, and an iconic city that is a beacon of hope. Coined as “The City of Tomorrow” it is a global center for commerce, industry, and culture – making it an irresistible target for common criminals, Super-Villains and otherworldly aliens alike. Superman - Protector of Metropolis is a symbol of American opportunity and values. One of the hallmarks of America is that people can reach their full potential when allowed the freedom to do so. Superman embodies this ideal since as a “superhuman” he chooses to help and protect rather than conquer and enslave. Join us as we peer into this Kinkadian scene, set atop of DC Comics’ most legendary city. At the break of dawn, the Man of Steel is poised and ready to protect his adopted hometown and the planet from anything and anyone that threatens its safety. Key Points
  • In the distance are the Hob’s and West Rivers which help to divide Metropolis into the six boroughs of New Troy, Queensland Park, Bakerline, Park Ridge, St. Martin’s Island and Hell’s Gate.
  •  At the center of the skyscraper-lined district of New Troy is the Daily Planet - the workplace of the mild-mannered Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White.
  • Major innovators LexCorp and S.T.A.R. Laboratories call Metropolis home, making technology and the sciences the heart of Metropolis’ economy.
  • LexCorp, its holding, and subsidiaries employ many, if not the majority, of the city’s residents.
  • Centennial Park is Metropolis’ largest park and is one of the most recognized sites in the DC universe.