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Boba Fett was found in the desert of Tatooine after he escaped from the hungry maw of the Sarlacc pit and was taken prisoner by the Tusken Raider tribe. He worked hard to earn their trust, friendship, and loyalty, and over time, he became a member of their tribe. Boba Fett was taught to battle using a Gaderffii stick by a Tusken warrior, and in return, he taught them the fighting tactics he had learned during his time as a bounty hunter. The Book of Boba Fett™ – Tusken Raiders™ captures the bond forged between Boba Fett and his newfound family, highlighting some of the important moments that defined their relationship and set the course for Boba’s future.

Key Points

  • Boba Fett™, was found by a tribe of Tusken Raiders™ who took him as a prisoner. Although injured by the effects of the Sarlacc™ pit, he was forced to travel by foot and pulled along by a bantha™.
  • The massiff™, a reptilian species of dog-like hunters, were domesticated for sentry and guard tasks.
  • An unnamed Tusken Raider child was part of a tribe of Tuskens that was active in the Dune Sea™ of Tatooine™. The child watched over Boba Fett™ as he was held prisoner by the tribe.
  • A female Tusken Raider warrior defeats Boba Fett in a duel after a failed escape attempt. After Fett killed a Tatooine sand ape, he was accepted to the tribe, and they trained him how to fight with a Gaderffii™ stick.
Title: The Book of Boba Fett™ – Tusken Raiders™
Collection: The Book of Boba Fett™ Collection
Painted: 2022
Published: 2022

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