Art Notes

After fleeing Starkiller Base, light side heroes, Rey™ and Finn™ are confronted by dark side enforcer Kylo Ren™. After Han™’s conflict with his son, Kylo Ren, Rey steps forward and tries to shoot Ren who uses his Force™ powers to launch her into a tree. An angry Finn powers up Luke Skywalker’s™ Lightsaber™ and attempts to defend Rey only to be incapacitated by Kylo Ren, left lying unconscious in the snow.

Kylo Ren is shocked when Skywalker’s Lightsaber flies by him into Rey’s hand. He senses her connection to the Force but is confident that he is the more powerful one. When he complements her and offers to train her these words awaken Rey’s own power. The Duel: Rey vs. Ren by Thomas Kinkade Studios.

Key Points:

  • This is the first Lightsaber™ duel between Rey™ and Kylo Ren™.
  • Rey’s ability to effectively use Skywalker’s™ Lightsaber was developed from years of wielding her staff on Jakku™.
  • The Millennium Falcon™ chess game that Finn™ accidentally triggers picks up right where the chess game between R2D2™and Chewie left off in Star Wars: A New Hope (1977).
  • The Millennium Falcon™ has a rectangular antenna inStar Wars: The Force Awakensin place of the round antenna fromthe original trilogy. This is because the original was lost in the Battle of Endor inStar Wars: Return of the Jedi(1983)
Title: The Duel: Rey vs. Ren
Collection: Star Wars
Painted: 2019
Published: 2019

Genre: Movies, Star Wars

Tags: Kylo, Ren, Skywalker’s, Star wars

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