Art Notes

The Kinkade family recently explored the desert Southwest, in an oversized RV equipped to be a rolling art studio. It has long been my ambition to paint The Grand Canyon, truly a place where mortal man stands on the edge of eternity. The ever-changing moods of the canyon surprised me. The sun alternately brings formations into sharp focus, and then casts them into shade. As I painted, a burst of sunlight struck the foreground cliff; I worked hurriedly to render the dramatic effect. My Grand Canyon captures just one of the many expressions that passes over this sculpture from the hand of God.

The Grand Canyon
Title: The Grand Canyon
Collection: Southwest Series
Painted: 2003
Published: 2004
Style: Plein Air
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Subject Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Great Outdoors, Plein Air, Summer Traditions

Tags: Arizona, Canyon, Cliff, Grand Canyon, Great Outdoors, Landmark, Landscape, National Park, Plein Air, Spring, USA, Wilderness

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