Art Notes

It was a fierce battle to reach his goal, but with the help of an unlikely ally, the Mandalorian has finally located the bounty. To his utter surprise however, this bounty is a small child of unknown species and his temporary ally has now become an enemy. The mercenary now has to make the first in a series of decisions that will chart the path of the rest of his life. In a choice between life and death, the hardened bounty hunter reaches out his hand and chooses life.


Key Points

  • The Mandalorian™ – Turning Point artwork is from the first chapter of the Star Wars™ live action series, The Mandalorian.
  • IG-11™, an IG-series Assassin Droid, was introduced to audiences during Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™ with IG-88™.
  • The Child is 50 years old but appears to be an infant with incredible powers.
  • The Mandalorian’s rifle is a tuning-fork-shaped weapon known as an Amban phase-pulse blaster.
Title: The Mandalorian™ – Turning Point
Collection: The Mandalorian Collection
Painted: 2020
Published: 2020
Limited Edition: Limited Edition Available

Genre: New Releases, The Mandalorian

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