Art Notes

Brace yourself for a high-energy collision! Thomas Kinkade Studios chronicles the action-packed encounter between some of the world’s most beloved female Super Heroes and their adversaries, all in one dramatic scene – The Women of DC. As the city’s local police force stands helplessly watching, conflict ensues.

The Women of DC blends the Kinkade-style of warmly lit storefronts and glossy streets, with DC’s electric line up, to produce a dynamic collector’s piece.


Key Points

  • While Wonder Woman continues to promote peace and humanity, one of her oldest enemies, Cheetah, lashes out with fangs and claws bared.
  • As Livewire harnesses electricity, Supergirl counters with a shocking blow. Their fight takes place in front of a large sign that reads, “Livewire Jazz Night Club.”
  • The love-hate relationship between Catwoman and Batman comes to a fever pitch as she and Batgirl
  • As Poison Ivy wraps her vines around the ankles of Huntress, Harley Quinn attempts to lay a deadly blow to her enemy.
  • Within this painting there are many hidden elements that pay tribute to icons of the DC Universe.
  • The theater, seen in the backdrop, is named after a famous former psychiatrist who worked at Arkham Asylum. Upon closer inspection, the marquee states Harley Quinn’s full name and the date of her first appearance in the DC Universe.
  • The Gotham City Zoo was commonly known to be a hotbed of criminal hideouts throughout DC Comics. Can you find the sign?
  • Zatanna’s Magic Wands is a reference to Zatanna Zatara, the professional stage magician who is not only a master of illusion but also found a way to use the dark arts for good.
  • The restaurant sign behind Poison Ivy contains another hidden gem. The name “Starfire” pays tribute to the princess who was forced into slavery by her sister, only to become one of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes.
  • A devious character makes a cameo appearance. Hidden behind the taxi-cab is The

JUSTICE LEAGUE and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics.(s17)

Title: The Women of DC
Collection: D.C. Super Hero Fine Art
Painted: 2017
Published: 2017
Style: Narrative Panorama
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Studios

Genre: Cityscapes, D.C. Super Hero Fine Art, Movies, New Releases

Tags: Bat Girl, Cat Woman, Cheetah, Comics, DC, Harley Quinn, Huntress, Live Wire, Poison Ivy, Super Girl, Wonder Woman

THE WOMEN OF DC - All DC characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics. (s19) © The Thomas Kinkade Estate – All Rights Reserved