Via Dolorosa

Art Notes

In the Middle Ages, the Via Dolorosa was identified as the route along which Christ carried His cross; I’ve set my easel at the very spot commemorating where Christ received His crown of thorns.

In addition to being a spiritual landmark for Christians, the Via Dolorosa is also a modern street in the Arab section of the old city. As I worked, small Arab children gathered about me and at one point playfully pelted me with pebbles. Happily, Arab shopkeepers immediately came to my rescue and chased off the pint-sized intruders. I later bought a decorative tile from one of my rescuers as a small gesture of thanks.

Via Dolorosa
Title: Via Dolorosa
Collection: Impressions of Israel Collection
Painted: 2006
Published: 2006
Style: Plein Air
Classification: Thomas Kinkade Original
Subject Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Limited Edition: Available

Genre: Faith, Impressions of Israel, Plein Air

Tags: Cruxifixion, Faith, Holy Land, Impressions of Israel, Israel, Jerusalem, Jesus, Jewish, Landmark, New Testament, Plein Air

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