Art Notes

Come one, come all to our winter party! The snowman invites you to join the other guests on the skating pond. Or would you prefer to sit on the bench and watch the merriment? With the crispness in the air, you may want to enjoy a warm mug of hot chocolate on the porch. Our newest painting, Victorian Christmas Sunset, pays tribute to Thom’s beloved Victorian Christmas series.  It offers you all these possibilities, and there is a guarantee that everyone will enjoy the colorful winter sunset.

Key Points:

  • Christmas was one of Thom’s favorite holidays, and 1225 is the house number on the mailbox.
  • This artwork is the first Thomas Kinkade or Thomas Kinkade Studios painting to include a dog being pulled on a sled.
  • The horse drawn sleigh is inspired by Victorian Christmas IV.
  • Lightposts are a common theme in Thomas Kinkade’s Victorian Christmas paintings, welcoming friends and loved ones home for the holidays.
  • The sunset is reminiscent of Victorian Christmas II.
  • Can you find the bird house?
  • Who could that be in the red plaid jacket?
Title: Victorian Christmas Sunset
Painted: 2019
Published: 2019

Genre: Christmas, Thomas Kinkade Studios, Winter

Tags: Christmas, Christmas tree, Winter

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