Wayne Manor™ - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Wayne Manor

Wayne Manor
Wayne Manor

Located just outside of Gotham City™, Wayne Manor is an epic part of the DC™ Universe as the residence of billionaire Bruce Wayne™ and his ward, Dick Grayson, and The Dark Knight's hidden headquarters.  A secret panel in the Wayne Family Estate leads to the state-of-the-art cave where Bruce and Dick's super hero identities, Batman™ and Robin, carry out their mission to protect the citizens of Gotham City. Thomas Kinkade Studios' Wayne Manor™ captures the excitement of the moment when the Batmobile™ emerges from the secret entrance below Wayne Manor, responding to the Bat-Signal™. Which arch-nemesis is causing Commissioner Gordon to signal for the Dynamic Duo's assistance? Can Batman and Robin expect to encounter The Joker™, or maybe Ra's al Ghul?

Key Points

  • Wayne Manor is the first time Thomas Kinkade Studios has painted Bruce Wayne™’s iconic estate. However, Batman is portrayed battling his enemies in two previous Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition paintings - The Dark Knight Saves Gotham City and Batman™ Gotham City™.
  • The Bat-Signal™ illuminates the Gotham City™ skyline, a call for help from Commissioner Gordan.
  • The Joker™ is up to mischief, flying over Wayne Manor in a blimp with Joker Venom poisoning the night sky.
  • Although Bruce Wayne’s identity as Batman is a secret, bats symbolically fly over Wayne Manor.
  • Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth™ can be seen standing on the steps of Wayne Manor.
  • In the foreground, the Batmobile™ emerges from a secret entrance to the Batcave™ below Wayne Manor.
  • A semi-truck travels across the bridge, with the Wayne Industries logo on the trailer – a reference to Bruce Wayne and the research and development company he owns.