A Winter's Calm - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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A Winter’s Calm

A Winter's Calm - Thomas Kinkade Studios
A Winter’s Calm

One definition of calm is: ‘a state of tranquility’. And a fresh layer of pristine fallen snow can bring a sense of calm to a chaotic world. In the distance, the sound of horse hoofs pulling a sleigh echo across the countryside as they approach the snow-covered bridge. The deer are foraging for food and water along the edge of the river. The melodic notes of the river traversing under the bridge floats on the refreshingly crisp clean air. Join Thomas Kinkade Studios and journey into A Winter’s Calm.   Key Points  
  • A Winter’s Calm depicts the wonders of this time of year, highlighting the beauty of the Great Outdoors and capturing family Winter traditions.
  • Fresh white snow, majestic pine trees, a vibrant sunset, and a family of deer are just a few bits of Mother Nature’s magic reflected in this painting.
  • A family farmhouse and barn are aglow in the background, and a sleigh prepares to cross the covered bridge, symbols of the many memories we make with family and friends at Wintertime.
  • Thomas Kinkade depicted covered bridges in two of his classic paintings, The Old Fishin’ Hole and Country Memories.
  • A Winter’s Calm is complimentary to Fall at Fox Creek Bridge, two seasonal must haves for a Thomas Kinkade Studios Collection.