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The Thomas Kinkade Studios Art Showdown Giveaway is complete! Thank you for participating! Check back here to see our list of winners.

Round 1 Winner - Melissa M. - Glendale, Arizona
Round 2 Winner - Awaiting Winner Confirmation
Round 3 Winner - Awaiting Winner Confirmation
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thank you for the chance to enter to win one of these masterpieces! I love KINCAID and I have a few of his works and also have given away for gifts a few of his works. timeless beauty!

Sharon marie Blankenship

Love his art!

Michelle Hyter

Your work is beautiful shows Gods work. It is a blessing to see. Would love one for my own.

Kimberly Fritts

I love all your work, thank you so much for this amazing opportunity


On the giveaway the click buttons to share on twitter won’t work, won’t link to twitter. You have two buttons for twitter, tried both, neither one worked.

Lauralee F Hensley

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