Ceaco Puzzle featuring Fall at Fox Creek Bridge by Thomas Kinkade Studios

“I find that a country lane is a lovely invitation to my imagination.” – Thomas Kinkade

Our founder, Thomas Kinkade, enjoyed numerous countryside rambles over his lifetime, many of which provided inspiration for his art. One of his most memorable walks led to the creation of his iconic Autumn Lane in 1995.

If you were to continue down the country lane Thom originally painted, you might find a stone bridge over a beautiful creek that flows with life affirming water. The soft dappled sunlight streams through the colorful autumnal trees highlighting natures wonders and the beauty of the stones in the bridge. A family of deer gracefully move through the countryside on their daily adventure, as butterflies sweetly flitter in the cool fall air. And you may even spot a fox as you pass over the bridge.

Thomas Kinkade Studios has followed Thom’s lead to ramble down the country lane and is pleased to present Fall at Fox Creek Bridge.

Fall at Fox Creek Bridge Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios is available in a 300 piece puzzle from @ceacopuzzles.

To learn more, Visit: https://ceaco.com/collections/thomas-kinkade-puzzles/products/thomas-kinkade-fall-at-fox-creek-bridge-300-piece-puzzle
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