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Thomas Kinkade has touched many people with his artwork.  Over the years Thomas Kinkade Collectors have sent us their stories of real life inspiration, and we are proud to share them with you. To share your Thomas Kinkade story or memory, click here.

Real Life Inspirations – The Garden of Prayer

The Garden of Prayer 

Kindergarten teacher and students touched by “The Garden of Prayer” Read More


Real Life Inspirations – Beacon of Hope Real Life Inspirations – Beacon of Hope

My very first Thomas Kinkade collectible was given to me at a very dark, and scary time in my life. I had all but given up hope I would ever be able to stand on my own again. Learn More

Real Life Inspirations – Beside Still Waters

Real Life Inspirations – Beside Still Waters 

Your paintings bring back a tender memory I had with my dad on Mother’s Day, 1987. My father had leukemia and was dying. Read More

Real Life Inspirations – Stairway to Paradise Stairway to Paradise

You may never be able to fully understand or comprehend on this earth how much your paintings affect people. I found “my” painting, Stairway to Paradise, at the lowest point of my life. Read More

Real Life Inspirations – Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley

No matter how dark our life at times may seem, the Lord always lets the light of hope and serenity shine through. It was during this dark time that I first discovered your work–and it helped me immeasurably. Read More

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