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Coastal Grandmother Home Décor

What is a Coastal Grandmother?

If you love Nancy Meyers films, enjoy watching the Barefoot Contessa, and you’ve been following the Lifestyle Influencer Lex Nicoleta you’ve seen the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic. It’s actually more than look, though. It’s a lifestyle. Lex Nicoleta coined the term “Coastal Grandmother” and explains it here.

Although Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give is a Coastal Gran, as Lex explains, you don’t have to be wealthy, a Grandma, or live by the beach to be a Coastal Grandmother. It’s an uplifting, aspirational lifestyle that everyone can embrace. No matter your age or economic status, if you love gardening and cooking and incorporate a coastal vibe into your clothing and home décor, you are a Coastal Grandmother.

Check out our Coastal Grandmother Starter Pack video to get a 30-second look at all of this. And of course, if you aren’t doing so already, follow Lex Nicoleta for daily tips on how to Coastal Gran.

Coastal Grandmother Home Décor Art Education - Thomas Kinkade Studios

What is Coastal Grandmother style? 

In home decorating, the best examples are some of the sets from Nancy Meyers’ films like Something’s Gotta Give, The Intern, and Meryl Streep’s gorgeous California-chic kitchen in It’s Complicated. You can see some of them and some other great examples on the Jane At Home Blog. But to quote Lex Nicoleta, “Characteristics of a coastal grandmother’s home include open kitchens, slipcovered sofas, white accents, fresh flowers, linen curtains, coastal art, rustic textiles, bowls of lemons, and large windows that allow natural light to pour in. It’s impeccably clean, yet warm and inviting—somewhere you instantly feel at home.”

Coastal Grandmother Home Décor Art Education - Thomas Kinkade Studios

How to incorporate Thomas Kinkade Studios Art into your Coastal Grandmother aesthetic

If you’ve been a lifelong fan of Thomas Kinkade or if you have newly discovered the Painter of Light, you’ll instantly understand that Thomas Kinkade Studios art is by definition part of the Coastal Grandmother lifestyle. Thomas Kinkade home décor is approachable and warm, and the Thomas Kinkade Studios art collection is filled with romantic seascapes Coastal art abounds in our collection. You can find cottages by the sea, stunning lighthousesocean scenes, and even stunning paintings from Thomas Kinkade’s Robert Girrard impressionistic period. And of course, Thomas Kinkade’s favorite place to paint was in Carmel-By-The-Sea, California, the perfect example of coastal living in America.

Coastal Grandmother Home Décor Art Education - Thomas Kinkade Studios

The Ultimate Coastal Grandmother Art

If you want to style your home with the perfect coastal living décor, Thomas Kinkade Studios has many options from highly collectible Limited Edition Art to affordable prints and gallery-wrapped canvases that feature seascapes, coastal cottages, and beach scenes.  The paintings will transport you to the sea, elevate your home, and bring warmth to your family’s living space. And the framing options are chef’s kiss. Natural wood, whites, and golden tones are some of the frame choices that will give your art that coastal lifestyle vibe. One of our favorite Coastal Grandmother-inspired pieces is The Beacon of Hope from our Prominence Collection pictured here.

The The Sea of Tranquility - 6.37" x 6" Nightlights

Home Accents to Complete Your Coastal Gran Aesthetic

The little details are what make for an authentic Coastal Grandmother lifestyle, and Thomas Kinkade Studios has some new and unique home décor accents that will complete your look.  Our favorites are our brand new LED nightlights. No pun intended, but these are not your grandmother’s nightlights.  We’ve paired LED and USB technology to develop beautiful desktop nightlights that feature stunning Thomas Kinkade scenes, including some of our beach-themed paintings

And don’t forget the coffee mugs. Our new sculpted mugs are a work of art in and of themselves, and when you pair them with a cup of coffee on your porch, the lifestyle is complete. To experience what that feels like check out this video, which we hope inspires you to slow down, relax and embrace your Coastal Grandmother life.


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