Disney Maleficent


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Thomas Kinkade, the famed “Painter of Light,” loved to share his passion for art and his creative process with other artists throughout his career. Thom believed in supporting artist development and exchanged ideas with artists. Through this collaborative environment, Thom passed down his methods and imparted the techniques, concepts and vision for his signature Kinkadian style.Today, the artists of the Thomas Kinkade Studios apply many of the same techniques created and used by Thom during his lifetime; from sketching to digital and oil brushwork, to image recapture and his use of light. Over time, these mastered skills have evolved into a Kinkadian style of art adored by art collectors around the world.

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"I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.” - Maleficent Disney’s Sleeping Beauty has amazing characters that tell a story of how one’s destiny and true love can overcome all barriers, including someone’s animosity. King Stefan has incurred the wrath of Maleficent, the mistress of evil, by having excluded her from the celebration of young Princess Aurora. Maleficent has cursed the youngster to an endless sleep by the pricking of her finger on a spinning wheel before her sixteenth birthday. Thomas Kinkade Studios is pleased to present Disney Maleficent, the story of Sleeping Beauty from Maleficent’s point of view after Princess Aurora pricks her finger on an enchanted spinning wheel in the castle tower. Maleficent, with her raven flying to join her, stands triumphantly on a castle turret. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather have snuck into Maleficent’s lair in the Forbidden Mountain to free Prince Phillip who races to save Aurora, whose kiss can awaken her from the endless sleep.

Key Points

  • Disney Maleficent is the first Thomas Kinkade Studios painting to portray a classic Disney story from the villain’s point of view.
  • Thomas Kinkade Studios painted this art in the narrative panorama style, sharing many characters and moments from the Disney film Sleeping Beauty in one stunning painting.
  • This painting captures Maleficent in both of her personas – as an evil fairy and when she shapeshifted into a dragon in the Forbidden Mountain.
  • Princess Aurora can be seen lying in the highest tower of her castle. In the clouds behind the tower, can you find the reference to the moment she pricked her finger on the spinning wheel?
  • Maleficent can be seen in the background of Thomas Kinkade’s painting Disney Sleeping Beauty, as well as Disney Sleeping Beauty Dancing in the Enchanted Light by Thomas Kinkade Studios.