Disney Mickey and Minnie in Florida


Thomas Kinkade Studios

Thomas Kinkade, the famed “Painter of Light,” loved to share his passion for art and his creative process with other artists throughout his career. Thom believed in supporting artist development and exchanged ideas with artists. Through this collaborative environment, Thom passed down his methods and imparted the techniques, concepts and vision for his signature Kinkadian style.Today, the artists of the Thomas Kinkade Studios apply many of the same techniques created and used by Thom during his lifetime; from sketching to digital and oil brushwork, to image recapture and his use of light. Over time, these mastered skills have evolved into a Kinkadian style of art adored by art collectors around the world.

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In the Passport to Adventure series by Thomas Kinkade Studios, Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, along with some of their closest friends, explore famous travel destinations around the world. This time Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and their friends are visiting the Florida coast. In Disney Mickey and Minnie in Florida by Thomas Kinkade Studios, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse enjoy a warm afternoon on a sandy Key West beach with family and friends. With Daisy Duck’s encouragement, Donald Duck runs out to the ocean, eager to have fun. Goofy tries to keep his balance, standing in his kayak to take a photo of a friendly manatee while Pluto dog paddles back to shore. Morty blows a note through a conch shell as Ferdie, Huey, Dewey, and Louie create architectural masterpieces in the sand, and the curious duo of Chip and Dale ponder the arrival of the sandpiper.

Key Points

  • Disney Mickey and Minnie in Florida is the 9th painting in the Passport to Adventure series. Other beautiful destinations where the pair and their friends have been featured include Hawaii, Hollywood, Paris, Ireland, the Alps, the Australian Outback, Greece, and Mexico.
  • In addition to the manatee that Goofy is taking a photo of, Disney Mickey and Minnie in Florida also features a young sea turtle emerging from the gentle surf – some of the sea life that makes their home in Florida.
  • Lighthouses are an iconic part of many Thomas Kinkade Studios paintings, and Florida is home to the Key West Lighthouse, a historic landmark built in 1825. Can you spot it in this painting?
  • Disney Mickey and Minnie in Florida is set in Key West, but also features special animals, pastimes and Disney tributes that residents of and visitors to Florida will recognize and enjoy.
  • Fishing for marlin in Florida is a favorite pastime of visitors and locals, including author Ernest Hemmingway. Woods Wall, 20 miles off the coast of Key West, is one of the best places to encounter marlin. Can you find the trophy marlin in Disney Mickey and Minnie in Florida?
  • On the horizon is one of the 42 bridges it takes to drive to Key West.
  • Orange Bird sippy cups are a treasured collectible at Epcot®, along with the little bee, who has his own sippy cup.
  • Horace is giving Clarabelle a famous Florida treat, a Key Lime Pie.
  • Scrooge is getting out of his classic convertible in front of his Crab Shack restaurant.
  • Who else but Pete would be driving the local bus?
  • The Florida state flag flies next to Old Glory outside Scrooge’s restaurant.