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Thomas Kinkade, the famed “Painter of Light,” loved to share his passion for art and his creative process with other artists throughout his career. Thom believed in supporting artist development and exchanged ideas with artists. Through this collaborative environment, Thom passed down his methods and imparted the techniques, concepts and vision for his signature Kinkadian style.Today, the artists of the Thomas Kinkade Studios apply many of the same techniques created and used by Thom during his lifetime; from sketching to digital and oil brushwork, to image recapture and his use of light. Over time, these mastered skills have evolved into a Kinkadian style of art adored by art collectors around the world.

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Where does an indomitable spirit come from? Does one have it already within oneself? Is it taught? Disney’s Moana, a courageous young girl who lives on the tropical island of Motunui, feels the pull of the ocean every day of her life. What is her true destiny? Her Gramma Tala has taught all the young ones, including Moana, the tales of their ancestors’ exploits, and the story of how the demigod Maui stole the heart of the goddess Te Fiti. Moana’s father, Chief Tui, does all he can to protect and provide for his people. When the island starts to yield less food for their village, Gramma Tala speaks to Moana, telling her to find Maui so that he can restore Te Fiti’s heart and the life balance of their island. As Moana learns that her ancestors were great sea voyagers, she embarks on one of their boats to follow the hook star constellation leading to Maui. Moana’s sea travels help build the self-confidence she needs to grow into the future Chief she was born to be. Maui and Moana experience dangerous and incredible adventures on their way to restore the heart of Te Fiti. The legend told that Maui must restore the goddess’ heart, but as she realizes her potential and fulfills her destiny, it is a strong and inspiring Moana, with the aid of Maui, who restores Te Fiti’s heart and the island’s balance. Thomas Kinkade Studios is pleased to present Disney Moana, a visual celebration of the story of fulfilling one’s true destiny. © Disney Key Points

  • Disney Moana marks the first time that Thomas Kinkade Studios has collaborated with Disney to create a narrative panorama that celebrates the characters of Disney’s Moana.
  • In this painting, Moana is portrayed on her boat with the Heart of Te Fiti, sailing with Maui, demigod of the wind and seas, and her pet rooster, Heihei. In the background of the painting, you can see the boat of her people, a nod to the islands of Oceania and her journey to become a Chief and Wayfinder.
  • Her pet pig, Pua, happily waits for them on the shore.
  • Can you find Tamatoa, a giant crab and one of the film’s antagonists?
  • Te Fiti, the goddess who is portrayed in the story as giving life to the ocean and its island inhabitants, smiles lovingly upon the group of heroes who have returned the stone that is her heart back to its rightful place, restoring balance to Motunui and all the neighboring islands.